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Old 01-26-2011, 07:52 PM
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Default Reading Between The Lines To Decipher Medical Truths

Reading Between The Lines To Decipher Medical Truths!
© Lena Sanchez

We live in a confusing world of health these days.
One day your read that a study says this is okay
and a month later another report says it wasn't.

How do you know what to believe?

Read those reports for yourself, but you need to
know how to decipher if they are legit or just some
company’s way of selling their product.

Rule number one is knowing if a study is legitimate
or not;

First, find out who paid for the study and why it
was done and what researchers did the study.

If it’s paid for by a company who will benefit by
a positive or negative outcome then 99.9% of
the time it is tracked by a person or people who
hold the preconceived view before the study began.
Does that make it realistic? Yes and no! Even in
the worst study there will be a tidbit of truth and
helpful knowledge. Finding what that is means
deciphering their written report. That can be
tricky and will take some know how.

Here are a few simplistic words and phrases
to help you know if the findings are accurate,
true or tentative with no real backbone. This
list by no means includes all mythic phrases
or concepts!
* Appears to be = We don’t have any
* real answers but maybe it is and maybe
* it isn’t.
* Generally encouraging = For our
* company/business anyway, probably
* not your health.
* Has not been proven = Cant accept
* the findings of previous studies as its
* not to this researchers way of thinking.
* Essential Hypertension = 90% of
* blood pressures and cause have never
* been established or studied.
* The data suggests an association
* between = Suggests being the operative
* there and no conclusion was, can or
* should be drawn from a suggestion.
* This is purely for the use of selling a
* product.
* Further research is needed = They
* have no confidence in their scientific
* research and cannot recommend
* their findings! It was probably done
* because they had a huge grant to
* do the study and what they found didn't
* gel with their belief!
Now when you read a study you can have a better
understanding of how mythic or real it is!

Author Lena Sanchez, a retired Medical Office Nurse
and Medical Office Consultant, took charge of her life
in 1992 found healthy drug-free alternatives and pain
relief from a multitude of health issues. Now committed
to helping others do the same by educating on actually
treating illness and disease rather than masking symptoms.

Owner of Annie's in beautiful Nelson BC
Mom to Ryan 11/05/98
Step-mom to Angela & Laura (My big kids!)

Politics is the second oldest profession. It bears a very close resemblance to the first. ~ Reagan
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