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Party Plan - Baby's First Celebration

First Birthdays are very, very special because they only happen once in your child's life. Believe it or not, this will be the easiest celebration of all your child's future birthday parties. Simple is the keyword and then you'll have as much fun making a fuss over your child as they will enjoy the attention.

Toddlers do not understand rules, have no capacity to "wait" their turn, have short attention spans and constantly want to move around… they are TERRIFIC…

Quick Tips
Party Time
After baby's naptime
1 to 1-1/2 hours

Limit the number on your guest list if this is not a family party. The commotion of a lot of children and adults can cause the one-year old to become cranky.

Blanket in the Corner
In the corner of the party room, lay a blanket down on the floor and add a large selection of soft toys for all the toddlers to play with - remembering that for one, two and even three-year olds, everything starts with the word "MINE" and they believe it is truly theirs.

Party Theme
When your child is watching television or has a favorite toy, you'll be able to tell which character(s) they most especially enjoy. Many of these popular characters have matching party supplies and cake decorations that can be purchased. If your child does not show an interest in any theme, select one that matches their bedroom or one that you enjoy. If the birthday is close to the November/December, ask guests to bring an ornament for baby's first holiday/Christmas tree - and becomes a special keepsake to give the child when she/he becomes an adult.

If you use balloons, ensure that any popped balloons are not left on the floor, chairs or table - children can choke on them. Toys and party favors should be at least the size of an adult fist. Some toddlers/children are allergic to peanut butter, dairy products, etc. - check with parents before serving any foods.

Have lots of film ready for wonderful photo opportunities!

Make your own or purchase ready-made invitations that match your theme - add a photo of the birthday baby when he/she was born. Your guests will enjoy the personal touch!

Thank You Notes
Snap a photo of your child with each gift that is opened and include it with your thank you note. This is a very appreciated gesture, especially for guests that could not attend the party. As the birthday baby opens up a gift, snap a photo of the baby and the person who gave the gift.

Balloons and streamers add instant festivity to any celebration. (Ensure that deflated balloons are immediately picked up and thrown away). Centerpieces that are flat-packed and assembled for the party make wonderful reminders in scrapbooks or tacked to the child's bedroom wall when the party is over.

Toddlers: Finger-foods
Older Toddlers and adults: Pizza (make your own, buy it frozen or have it delivered - saves lots of your energy in food preparation)

Provide two cakes… one cake "just" for the birthday baby to eat all by her or himself and have your camera ready!!! The other cake is for the guests and can be decorated to match the party theme. A simple cake is to just add "one" candle on a frosted cake.

Treat Sacks
While it is not necessary to provide guests with party favors at a first birthday, it is usually a nice gesture to say thank you for coming and should be kept inexpensive.
Toddlers: Soft toys, bathtub toys, teething biscuits
Children (over age of three years): Gauge items to ages of children: Stickers, blowouts, ball, yoyo, bottle of bubbles, mini toys, etc.

Memory Book
Scrapbooking is a wonderful fun way for parents to keep memories of the first milestone birthday celebration alive for years to come and makes an excellent gift when the child becomes an adult.

Sing Along
Singing/active games, like Ring Around the Rosy and Itsy Bitsy Spider fascinate and entertain kids, letting them join in and have a great time. Lead a parade in your living room -- kids like to make noises and move around, so how about animal sounds. The leader (you?) makes a cow sound and the kids make the cow sound and follow the leader as she/he zigzags around the room. Any other simple "active" games that include clapping, stomping, giggling, etc. are especially enjoyed by babies and toddlers. Add some musical instruments and be ready for fun (and noise).

Fun Activities
The suggested games below are not competitive, just an activity. No winners, No losers.

Bubble Chase
Ask the adults blow bubbles into the air and let the kids chase after and pop them.

Incredible Edible Crafts, Play Dough and Finger Paint Recipes
This compilation of recipes is aimed at those children that would rather eat their art supplies than create a work of art! Ahead of time, make up a batch of play dough and cover a work area in the party room. While the adults chat or eat cake, let toddlers and children squeeze and play. For a listing of recipes made from ingredients found in your home, click on

Bean Bags Drop
An easy activity and one that will go on and on. Provide six beanbags, (3 red, 3 blue), and set up a target (such as a bowl or bucket). Toss or walk up and drop the bean bags into it.

Go Fishing
Set up a "fish pond" behind a blanket and have the kiddies stand in front of the blanket. With the help of an adult, children drop their fishing lines (use sticks, rope and a clothespin for a hook) in to the lake or ocean. Another adult behind the blanket clips a prize to the "hook".

Sand Treasure
Provide a large pail or rubber container filled with sand. Bury small prizes all around under the sand and let each toddler dig till he/she finds a treasure.

Peanut Scramble
Scatter peanuts all over an area and provide each child with a paper bag, asking them to find all the peanuts. Too simple, yes… but great fun for toddlers. Variation: You can use clothespins for this activity instead of peanuts.






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